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Welcome to My Blog - I Just Want to Write!

Someone once wrote, "if you want to create something big, start now." Not sure who it was, but kudos to them! It sparked something in me recently, more or less, and this time it was different. When I thought about my writing, I thought it had to be homogeneous, made entirely of one thing. So, I thought, well what will it be centered on? My mediumistic abilities? My passion for helping others, in various ways? My life as a parent? What ONE thing will I focus all of my writing on? And then, it hit me. Who the eff said it had to be centered in such a uniform way on solely one topic?! I was speaking to a lady on the phone the other day and when she asked me what my purpose was here, or what I saw myself doing in the world, I paused. And as smoothly as it could have rolled off my tongue, I replied, "I am not here to do something IN the world. I am here to do something FOR the world. I am here to serve humanity through words." Holy crap! Even I get goosebumps when I say that shiz out loud. This blog is much more than just words put together for reading while you're on the toilet and figured you'd support my efforts. This is bigger than that, although I highly support reading while on the toilet handling your biz. (Always wash your hands, please). This is the inception of my career; its formal beginning. The way that I want to connect with my readers is in my own way - as candor as I could be, while still giving you the tools to create something YOU find fulfilling and then join you in celebrating your accomplishments so we can both be exultant. My writing won't be here to serve farcical subjects, nor will I try and convince you to do something you're not ready to do. What my writing is here for is to serve you, with words, through my own experiences in various departments of this so called life experience, and in return I hope it brings you joy, and resources to implement in your life. I must warn you, I might get officious with my writing, but it will be profound, refreshing, and always with propriety. Alright, let's do this. -ML

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