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God is love.

For a long time I was raised and taught that God was this person I should fear. "Be a God-fearing woman." That was said to me so many times, and if not that, it was, "Accept god or you will not go to heaven." I was also molded into believing that from even before my birth, I was a sinner but that God had already sent someone to die for my sins so therefore I was almost in debt to Jesus for paying for my sins. What sins? I was just born. I look back now with forgiveness to those who taught me to believe those things. If God was so perfect and loved me so much, what was the need to fear him? Why did I have to ask for forgiveness as a child, when I was innocent? What had I done that was so bad that I was continued to be reminded that I was a sinner? Was God only allowed to be masculine? It was way into my 20's that I learned what God really meant (for me and it made sense so it has become my truth). God isn't this person, or dictator. God is an energy, a source, a higher power that lives in each one of us. God is an energy. God can be masculine or feminine depending on each of us and what is true for us. God lives in each and every one of us, but in order to experience God, or share God's love, we must be awaken to that God in us. God is not perfect, because we are not perfect. God isn't a human, or a person, we have God in us, that light, energy, higher power source. Almost like a feeling or emotion, or dare I say nirvana. God is love, kindness, light, positivity, healing, peace, joy, laughter. All of those things and more make up God. So why does evil exist? Because it is a part of life, it is the outcome of when we fail to ignite the God that is in each of us. Now in my family and close circle of freinds, we have Catholics, Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (Very diverse circle over here). And we have those (like me) that don't chose to label ourselves with a religion, or maybe we call ourselves spiritualists. And we coexist, and show each other God's love regardless. Evil exists in the world because it is an opportunity for us to ignite the only thing that can eradicate And love is God.

Disclaimer: This blog post, like all others, are a reflection of my own thoughts, beliefs, and choices. None of the posts on my blog are with the intention of influencing anyone to agree or disagree with what I write. I respect every individual's choices and opinions, as I expect mine to be respected. This is my space to free-write and exercise my freedom of speech. Every site visitor and reader, upon visiting and navigating my site agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Maria Lutin, LLC.

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