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  • Maria Lutin

Embracing Health, Surrendering Spiritual Gifts: My Journey to Christ

In the hustle and bustle of life, I found myself at a crossroads, yearning for change. It all began with a simple choice - to prioritize my health and nutrition. Little did I know that this decision would lead me down a path of profound transformation, ultimately guiding me to surrender my spiritual gifts to Christ.

I wanted more for myself and my family. From the minute we decided to add something better to our lives, like whole food nutrition, I knew there was something big coming. I kept telling my friend, Kerri-Lynn, “I don’t what is going on, but there’s something bigger brewing here!” Boy, was I spot on!

Growing up I always knew that I had a gift of knowing. A lot of times I thought I was crazy or that it was bizarre to know things were going to happen before they did, people showing up right after I thought of them, etc. What I didn’t know is that the Holy Spirit was already planting seeds of discernment in me because God was assigning me to a much higher calling.

After a tragic event that happened with our family, losing loved ones, hearing and seeing things I couldn’t explain without sounding like I belonged in an asylum, I began to notice this discernment getting stronger. It was not my doing, or in my control. I heard something the other day that said, “the enemy cannot touch you, but he can blind you from the route God has placed before you to take.” Isn’t that mind blowing? The enemy will start distracting us, so we get lost on our way. And, just like a GPS system reroutes us, we end up taking a longer way, if not getting lost altogether.  Regardless of feeling like I was on the right path, I always invited God to be at the center of my journey “in case I wasn’t.” (Insert giggle here 😄). I didn’t know what I know now, and I was doing the best with what I had. 

Clients never left me feeling low, confused, or scared. I wasn’t a witch, never dealt with evil, etc. let’s just say if we were in Salem, you wouldn’t have killed me. But, clients were coming to me for joy, faith, hope, love, and closure. A relationship with God, living like Jesus, surrendering my gifts and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me, has brought me all of these emotions. I am being called to do God’s work. Not sure what my assignment is YET, but we’ll find out soon.

As I embarked on my journey to wellness, shedding off layers of confusion, misguidance, and feelings of loss, I discovered an overwhelming sense of freedom. It was a freedom unlike any other, one that resonated deep within my soul as I let go and allowed Jesus to take the reins.

Surrendering my gifts was not an easy decision, but it was a necessary one. In relinquishing control, I opened myself up to a divine plan far greater than anything I could have imagined. No longer did I label myself as a Psychic Medium; not because the work was wrong, but because I was ready to be used in ways chosen by God.

Being part of a community that welcomed me with open arms, willing to pray with me, hold me, and support me in my journey, made all the difference. Through their love and encouragement, I embraced a newfound relationship with Christ that felt effortless and easy.

I invite you, dear reader, to consider what you may need to surrender in your own life. Whatever you are juggling right now, whether it be doubts, fears, or uncertainties, I urge you to release them into the loving hands of God. Trust in His plan, for it is far greater than anything we could ever orchestrate on our own.

Before I conclude, allow me to offer a humble prayer:

Dear Father,

I come before you with an open heart, ready to surrender all that weighs me down. Guide my steps, Lord, and use me in ways that honor Your will. Grant me the strength to let go of control and embrace the path You have laid out for me. May Your love surround me always, bringing peace and clarity to my soul. Amen.

May this journey inspire you to embrace surrender and welcome the transformative power of faith into your life. Trust in God, for He has a beautiful plan in store for each and every one of us. 

In love & light,



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