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Image by Evie S.

What led you to transition from being a psychic medium to a Christ follower?

I attended a leadership conference for a company I am a part of and I heard the Holy Spirit ask me to surrender my gifts and my way of using them. I surrendered it all immediately.

How has your faith impacted your decision to stop practicing mediumship and psychic abilities?

It has impacted me to cease all sessions that were on my schedule. I no longer offer tarot readings, mediumship sessions, or any type of mystical service that isn’t discipleship or prayer. Every coaching service I will soon offer is faith-based and following Christian principles.

What challenges did you face during this transition, and how did you overcome them?

Thankfully, as of yet, no challenges.

In what ways has your spiritual journey evolved since leaving behind your mediumship practices?

I have a relationship with Jesus now. I pray, journal, worship, and know now that when I have a nudge in my heart or am led to something or someone, it is the Holy Spirit guiding me. I go to the Bible for guidance as opposed to tarot cards or using a pendulum for an answer.

How do you reconcile your past experiences as a psychic medium with your current beliefs as a Christ follower?

What I simply did was put everything away. Any crystals I had with the belief that they would bring me calmness or peace, I removed, for example. I know now I find my peace in my time with God and reading His word for comfort and calmness.

Have you encountered any skepticism or criticism from others regarding your decision to no longer practice mediumship? 

That has been directly told to me, no. Others’ opinions about me is none of my business. It’s their personal feelings or opinions, therefore their business. If approached, I may be open to have a conversation though, with anyone that may want to discuss their criticism about my shift in lifestyle.

What advice would you give to individuals who are also seeking to align their spiritual beliefs with their faith, like you have done?

Seek support from your community. Whether it is family, close friends, or like-minded individuals, seek them. Message me, I would love to talk more on that with you.

How has your relationship with God influenced your understanding of spirituality and intuition since leaving your psychic medium days behind?

My relationship with God has influenced my understanding of my spirituality and intuition in a huge way. For instance, when it comes to my gifts, I have done and seen the proof that I am spiritually gifted. The difference is I am now allowing God to guide me on how to use them, instead of me guiding myself in the ways I thought I should be using them.

What practices or rituals do you engage in now to nurture your faith and spiritual connection without relying on mediumship or psychic abilities?

Prayer. Before accepting Christ as my Savior, I would ask my ancestors for a sign, or I would rely on the synchronicity of numbers, or something like a feather on the ground as confirmation for something. It was like, I was constantly looking for what I had asked my deceased loved ones to provide as confirmation. Now, I pray and kneel down before God surrendering to Him my answers or worries, and invite Him to take control and invite Him to be at the center of everything I do. After praying and letting God have it, I let it go there.

How do you share your story and spiritual journey with others who may be curious or seeking guidance in their own faith experiences?

Through writing and speaking. I have a tremendous passion for writing and I am working on my book where I share my journey as a testimony. I am also passionate about speaking to others about this transformation, and I love to work with others to provide guidance in their own spiritual journeys.

How has your transition from psychic medium to Christ follower been received by your family & close friends?

So far, I have been supported by my family, and they have been very interested in my new routines and beliefs. For example, going to the Bible for guidance, vs using tarot cards, has been a new routine. My close friends that have spoken to me, have expressed joy, and excitement. I was surpirsed by how many friends were praying for me without my knowing, and I am excited to share my story with a new friend every chance I get!

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