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Reviews & Testimonials

Re: This Ability - A Medium's Story of Discovering Her Spiritual Gifts:

Touching and impactful story! Enjoyed diving into the author's recounting of how her gifts revealed themselves to her throughout her life. This book is a quick read which immerses you in its story and captivates from start to finish. I encourage the curious to explore!

Jorly (Miami, FL)

Re: This Ability - A Medium's Story of Discovering Her Spiritual Gifts:

Beautiful story! This book is a beautiful and honest story. It's a great book for anyone opening up their abilities. Maria writes in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I highly suggest reading this book!

Sloan (Miami, FL)

Re: This Ability - A Medium's Story of Discovering Her Spiritual Gifts:

A must read! Required reading for anyone doubting the legitimacy of real mediumship. The author's experiences are authentically conveyed and honestly expressed. Expertly flirts with your disbeliefs and dismantles them with each turn of the page. It manages to be at once emotionally charged and down to Earth, while emanating love, purity, and truth. Prepare to read in one sitting. You will not want to put it down.

Judah (Atlanta, GA)

My experience with Maria is right on to say it bluntly. Anytime I feel like I need some type of guidance or support, she's always there to provide and be a conduit. It's interesting to see how life unfolds after the awareness she can provide. Highly talented and skilled and an amazing human being all-around! Highly recommend her, 10/10!

Angela (West Palm Beach, FL)

Maria's Spiritual development Circle is great! I love talking and practicing my gifts with her. Sometimes I question myself and then when we are working together and everything we do melds together, it strengthens my beliefs. Thank you!

Gary (New Hampshire)

Maria has an amazing gift! I’ve had the privilege of receiving messages from her mediumship services as well as her card readings and they’ve resonated. She’s very talented and her strong intuition will tap into any circumstance you’re facing. I feel very blessed to have come across her services and look forward to future sessions. Once you hire Maria, there’s no going back, she’s the real deal!

Cindy (New York, NY)

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