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Meet Maria

Author & Writer | Entrepreneur | Psychic Medium

Maria Lutin is an author & writer, entrepreneur, psychic medium, and on a mission to normalize spiritual gifts and help people become confident in honoring their emotions. She has self-published "This Ability - A Medium's Story of How She Discovered Her Spiritual Gifts" in 2021, which is available on Amazon. Maria has worked with several clients on discovering their spiritual gifts, while guiding them to strengthen, use, and share, their unique abilities with others. She is currently working on her second book, which will focus on becoming confident in honoring emotions and allow people to become self-aware to their emotional needs.


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children, traveling to new destinations, reading, and earning her degree in Creative Writing and English, concentrating in non-fiction. Maria is committed to serving the world through words, and by sharing her experiences/stories of overcoming loss of a loved one, co-parenting with an addict, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, productive parenting, running multiple businesses, and more. 

"Through my experiences I have noticed the problem at hand is that we continue to not honor our emotions and dismiss what we need most to live to our highest potential. We continue to want to please others while unconsciously hurting ourselves. What if we could learn to honor our emotions and set healthy emotional boundaries that would allow the right people and circumstances into our lives, and be at peace mentally, emotionally, and physically? When readers read my writing and get their hands on my books, they will walk away with confidence in honoring their emotions, self-awareness of their emotional needs, forgiveness for their past and others, knowledge of what healthy boundaries look and feel like, and they will know the power of intention setting."

Maria Lutin

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